Marketing Case Studies


Due to the level of proprietary knowledge we gain in working with marketing clients, we are unable to provide specific details and relate them to our client. We work under a non-disclsure agreement with our clients. That being said, we have some general information of some specific scenarios where our marketing services have proven to be of significant value to our client.

Case Study A

Client A came to us with a need to get users to sign up for their forums on their web site. When approached, their acquisition cost was X per sign-up and they were gaining Y sign-ups per week using Google Adwords to drive traffic.

Upon analyzing their advertising campaigns and making adjustments to existing campaigns and instituting several new campaigns in Adwords, we were able to increase the number of sign-ups by 3 times while actually lowering their cost per sign-up by greater than 40%. This meant more conversions at an overall lower cost per than they had ever seen.

Case Study B

This study involves a large retailer who has an affiliate marketing program. In this scenario, we actually made our fee contingent upon growth and increased sales and profits for our client. We don’t often make deals like this, but under the right conditions we will.

In this scenario we were able to increase the exposure of their affiliate marketing program to quality affiliates by means of opening new sub-channels within their affiliate program. This, along with adding other elements to their affiliate marketing arsenal, elements that cost the client no money to implement, resulted in a 5x growth factor for their affiliate marketing program that is still gaining steam today.

These are only a few of the hundreds of success stories that BrightSide Media has been a part of over the past decade. We are hard-working, but more than that we work smart and make full use of all implements our client has available to them.

Case Study C

This client came to us with a unique challenge. The current owner had purchased an existing web site that had been in business for several years. Searches for the name of the web site or the name of the business produced lots of negative forum postings, web pages and otherwise very sour results from previous customers who had been mis-treated by the former owners.

We were able to do two things for this client. We changed the structure of their own web site so that it occupies more lines on the search engine results and we also set forth a campaign to get the word out that the business was under new ownership and was interested in doing whatever was necessary to let previous customers know that they were appreciated and that the new owners wanted to earn their business back. We also added social media pages in various locations that come up high on a search and effectively drive the other results down.

The net effect of our efforts on this job was a significant percentage of former customers coming back to the client and new customers seeing all of the new information we published and signing up with them. This was really a PR campaign as much as it was a marketing campaign.

The income generated from winning only some of the old customers back was more than enough to cover the cost of our fee on this project, giving our client a very high ROI from using our services.

Case Study D

A client wanted a basic informational web site built for their niche construction business. This client is able to leverage some material and labor synergies in certain metropolitan markets, so we targeted those markets with an SEO campaign to get the web site seen by prospects for the client.

Within 45 days of launch, we were able to get our client’s web site in the top ten organic search results when searching for relevant terms on two major search engines, Yahoo and Google. After some keyphrase optimization, the web site is now sitting comfortably in the top five results for most relevant search phrases in the target market.

Our bid in this case included the updating time necessary for Search Engine Optimization in hopes of good position down the road. We were able to give our client a fabulous return on their investment, where other firms would simply build them an inexpensive web site and hope for the best.

This is a perfect example of how a web site can be “aimed” in a certain direction. Our client is working on supply sources in other markets to target next.

Search engine algorithms are ever-changing. We make sure your site is properly focused and, again, “aimed” in the right direction to achieve your objectives.

Case Study E

This study relates to an established business that sells preowned automobiles. In this case, the business had an online presence but had never done any marketing online. We utilized a third-party content management solution for this project. We then developed  web site and social media presence for the business and promoted their inventory to a localized area using demographic targeting.

Within two months, and on an ongoing basis, we are able to attribute sales generating profits of 8-10x our fee on a monthly basis to this effort.


The scenarios laid out above are representative of the kind of work BrightSide Media does daily. Marketing and selling products online and off, through a variety of channels… in a way that lets us measure the results. It’s what we do.

Common sense marketing solutions for the digital age.