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The first time I logged on to the web, I was in college at the age of 30 and knew that this would be my future. That was in 1994. I went ahead and finished college at LSU and soon after that I started my career in the world of online marketing. Yep, those were the days when you could slap a page together, FTP it up to the web and rank in the top three for related searches on Alta Vista within just a few days.

Along came Yahoo, along came Google, now we fast forward 20+ years and here we are in the middle of the age of instant… everything. Because of this advance, we can now reach people who are looking for products or services right on their mobile device, targeted by location or a litany of other ways that we can employ to select the proper audience.

My affinity for advertising has kept me in the middle of the digital ad revolution and the options and results are amazing in today’s digital advertising landscape.

Until about 2015, I still maintained that a balanced approach between online and offline advertising is usually the most effective plan of promotion for most. Since then, it has been my experience that for small, localized businesses that serve a particular area, the smart money is spent purely on mobile and social media ads.

My wife, Camille, and I live in Denton. We operate retail web sites, a retail marketplace presence and social web sites, as well as a consulting and marketing business. The consulting side has gotten smaller and smaller as we have been consumed with retail operations.

Scott  Hazard

Common sense marketing solutions for the digital age.